Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tips for Purchasing Used Raymond Forklifts

As is the case when purchasing any used vehicle, forklifts have their own set of criteria that you could use to qualify and rank them. One of the top brands of electric forklifts in North America today is Raymond, which has been producing quality products since the year 1922. If you are interested in purchasing used Raymond forklifts for sale, then you will first have to think about where you might find the best access to these vehicles, in order to find a reliable stock that you can compare and contrast.

Used Raymond Forklifts for Sale

There are a few factors to think about if you are going to look for used Raymond forklifts for sale. Although Raymond is one of the most long-lasting brand of forklift and other lifting vehicles on the market, as with any vehicle, over time they may be more prone to breakdown or the need for further repairs.

To help prevent this and protect yourself, you will want to be sure to have all the models that you are considering looked at closely by a qualified mechanic. Be sure to check the brakes, transmission, lifting quality and capabilities, and maneuverability. With some older models of forklifts, it can be more difficult to operate them smoothly.

One way to test how well the used Raymond forklifts for sale are able to drive and maneuver around objects is to take them for a test drive. Experts recommend that you take them for a drive that include tight figure eight configurations, in both forward and reverse gears. It’s important to think about where these forklifts are going to be used. If you have a warehouse environment with narrow aisles or where there are a lot of workers and traffic, that is something that must be accounted for.

Used Raymond Forklifts

In terms of safety, it’s always also a good idea to make sure that anyone who is going to be driving your used Raymond forklifts for sale is certified to operate heavy machinery. There are OSHA certifications that can help provide peace of mind for anyone who is unsure of this. Another thing to check into is the mechanical record of the used forklifts. Check to see if there have already been frequent repairs made, which could be an indicator that something is fundamentally wrong with the equipment or that it has been used in the past improperly. With a bit of precautions, you could end up with a top vehicle for half the price.

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