Saturday, June 09, 2018

Refurbishment of Used Jungheinrich Forklift

The refurbishment routine performed on our used trucks corresponds to a consistent and for all truck models identical procedure in 6 separate steps. During the entire process, each step is subject to strict quality controls. As a result, nothing escapes our attention, which ensures the highest level of safety and reliability in every detail. You benefit from lower follow-up costs and a higher resale value. In short: Cost and benefit of our JUNGSTARS are unbeatable.

Step 1: Incoming inspection

At the incoming inspection, we determine the truck’s condition. As a rule, all safety-relevant and worn parts, such as tyres and brakes, are replaced with genuine spare parts.

Step 2: Dismantling

Subsequently, the forklift is dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. Operating materials, such as brake fluid, engine and hydraulic oils, are disposed of in an ecologically responsible way.

Step 3: Refurbishment of components

Now, the refurbishment process of each separate component starts. According to forklift type, we replace tyres and springs, rework drawbars and axles, and insert new bearings and bolts. Gearbox and engine are restored, worn parts replaced. The battery is refurbished or changed. The lift mast is dismantled, while tubes and chains are changed.

Step 4: Treatment of the surface

Chassis and lift mast are primed, smoothed and painted. Once examined and – if necessary – repaired, overhead guard, steering forklift system, sideshifter, tilt cylinder and battery are blasted with compressed air and freshly painted.

Step 5: Reassembling

Chassis, lift mast and all components are reassembled and the truck is restored. The finished lift truck is now as good as new.

Step 6: Final forklift inspection

Last but not least, the lift truck undergoes a final inspection by means of a functional test with rated load. Each truck completes its industrial refurbishment as a Jungheinrich JUNGSTAR in premium quality, including a safety certificate as well as a personal quality promise by the technician in charge.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Used Forklifts in Dallas - Keeping Forklift Costs Down

With such a high number of warehouses and manufacturing facilities in the booming city of Dallas, there is a wide market for forklifts and other handling equipment that can be used in these facilities. If you are in the market for used forklifts, you will have no problem finding quality vehicles at a wide selection. However, some will be more economical than others. Before making any final decisions, it’s a good idea to have a checklist of what to ask about when you are comparing different models. One thing to take into consideration, for example, is where the forklift is coming from.

Used Forklifts in Dallas

Those used forklifts that have been previously only rented out on a lease, tend to be more gently used than those who have been operated by the owner for several years at a time. The average time period of ownership for a forklift can range from eight to ten years, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Short term rental vehicles normally only are operated for 1500 hours per year, for a rental period of anywhere from three to five years, by contrast. Because they are more gently used, however, they will carry a higher price tag in most cases. When comparing different used models, always ask about previous ownership and what the usage was like. The best way to do this is to buy directly from the owner.

Used Forklifts

Safety features are also extremely important when comparing used forklifts. A forklift, be it sold by the owner or by a dealer after having gone through a lease, should have its full maintenance records available. Be sure to check if there have been any recurring problems that could also come up again in the future, so that you know what types of repairs that you might have to contend with. A thorough physical examination should also be carried out, either by yourself or by a qualified professional should you not have the experience to do this.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Safety Tips for Used Forklifts

The state of Florida is home to a booming industrial trade, with a corresponding need for safe, regulated mechanical equipment. In warehouses across the state, there is no better way to move heavy loads than with the assistance of forklifts, which are specifically designed for this purpose. Whether you are starting up a new business or need to restock a preexisting one, it’s possible to find bargains with used forklifts in Florida. These are available for sale both from used vehicle dealers in specialty lots or trade shows, as well as from online dealers.

Used Forklifts in Florida

Because the prevalence of accidents in used forklifts can potentially be slightly higher than with newer models that have all the latest safety features, it’s a good idea to brush up on forklift safety tips in either case.

This includes an emphasis on proper driving techniques, maintenance, and alert signals or other accessories that come as part of the forklift. To learn more about the latest safety regulations, many will turn to the OSHA standards which are a set of guidelines used across the board, set up by the Federal Department of Labor. Becoming certified in this course is a requirement of many employers on job sites, whether you are going to be driving a used or new forklift.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tips for Purchasing Used Raymond Forklifts

As is the case when purchasing any used vehicle, forklifts have their own set of criteria that you could use to qualify and rank them. One of the top brands of electric forklifts in North America today is Raymond, which has been producing quality products since the year 1922. If you are interested in purchasing used Raymond forklifts for sale, then you will first have to think about where you might find the best access to these vehicles, in order to find a reliable stock that you can compare and contrast.

Used Raymond Forklifts for Sale

There are a few factors to think about if you are going to look for used Raymond forklifts for sale. Although Raymond is one of the most long-lasting brand of forklift and other lifting vehicles on the market, as with any vehicle, over time they may be more prone to breakdown or the need for further repairs.

To help prevent this and protect yourself, you will want to be sure to have all the models that you are considering looked at closely by a qualified mechanic. Be sure to check the brakes, transmission, lifting quality and capabilities, and maneuverability. With some older models of forklifts, it can be more difficult to operate them smoothly.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Used Forklifts for Sale – Where to Find Bargains on Forklifts

Whether you are interested in stocking up on new equipment for the workplace or need to replace forklifts that are not doing a proper job anymore, it’s possible to seek out used forklifts for sale that will manage to be just as effective as one that’s brand-new. There are a few safety and logistical factors to keep in mind, however, before making this type of purchase. This will depend on what the usage of your forklifts is going to be, who is using them, and what type of jobs will be involved.

Caterpillar Used Forklifts For Sale

The size of the forklift is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when you are in charge of purchasing used forklifts. Because the forklift must be able to fit through aisles that could be as narrow as three or four feet across, this is something to measure ahead of time. Another factor would be the reach that a forklift has, if you have very high shelves that need to be used for heavy materials or other types of storage. Some come equipped with extra safety accessories and are more automatic than others.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Used Forklifts in California - Tips for Purchasing Used Merchandise

Buying a used forklift in the state of California can be a great way to save money and have access to truly incredible deals. However, when first looking into purchasing used forklifts in California, there are several factors to keep in mind. The first thing to think about is safety, and whether a used model will be adequate for your lifting needs. If you only plan on using the forklift for five hours a day, five days a week, this could be a good solution. However, those who work in a field that requires a heavier use of forklifts may wish to invest in a new model.

Used Forklifts in California

Some things to look for right off the bat in your used forklifts California include the type of model that you need. Electric forklifts last for about eight to ten years before they are traded in, while engine powered forklifts usually go after seven. This will vary on the manufacturer. Another thing to ask about, in addition to the type of forklift and how old it is, is the maintenance record. If the machine has already had to go through steady maintenance, chances are that you too will be sinking money into this. There are plenty of forklift repair businesses in the state of California, fortunately, but the money could add up.

California Used Forklifts

Before purchasing your used forklifts in California, another thing that is extremely important is to get a full mechanical evaluation of the forklift. If you are not qualified to do this, it’s a good idea to get a professional opinion.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Used Caterpillar Forklifts for Sale

As with the purchase of any other large vehicle or mechanical item for use on the job, there are several steps to finding the best used Caterpillar forklifts for sale. The reason why people might want to choose Caterpillar products over other forklifts is that they are made in the USA, feature a wide support network of service centers and online parts shipping, and are well known for their dedication to excellence in craftsmanship. These features, when put together, can help you ensure that you are happy with your purchase right from the beginning, be it used or new.

Used Caterpillar Forklifts for Sale

Because the use of industrial equipment such as used forklifts might lead to accidents without proper care, it’s always vital to examine the used Caterpillar forklifts for sale closely before making any final decisions. One way to do this is to first read up about forklift function and take a safety operation and certification course from OSHA or a similar regulatory group if you have not already done so. That can help you learn more about what to expect when you are sifting through the various options out there.

Tips for Purchasing Used Forklifts

After learning more about the different types of used Caterpillar forklifts for sale and how to safely operate them, the next step is to put your new skills to use and take them for test drives. Before undergoing the initial test drive, you will want to make sure that the vehicle has been examined already to be sure that all parts are in working order.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tips for Choosing Used Forklifts in Ohio

Before making any definitive purchase of used forklifts in Ohio, there are several factors to keep in mind. Some may think that every forklift is created alike, but there are at least ten top manufacturers on the market that each creates their own wide range of products. Such factors as size, speed, and how old the model is are all parts of this decision making process, and can distinguish one forklift from another. Therefore, when starting the process of purchasing used forklift, it can be a good idea to make a list of features that you are most interested in.

Ohio Used Forklifts

With that list in hand, you can then start browsing through the current list of used lift trucks in Ohio that are available, from the manufacturers directly or through other companies that consolidate a variety of models. These may be available through online catalogs, or in person. When a used forklift is put up for sale, it might be sold directly through the owner, or it could be a unit that was previously rented out for a certain amount of time, or lease. These are usually in the highest demand, because they are more gently used.

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